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23 Holiday Gift Ideas for Newlyweds

Maybe they didn't get quite everything on their list, maybe they did! Now it's time to get creative. Browse these fan favorite, out-of-the-box gift ideas for newlyweds who seemingly have it all.

Newlyweds are notoriously hard to shop for around the holidays, especially if they just received a plethora of presents for their wedding. The trick to choosing gifts for a newly married couple? Let someone else do the work for you! Here you'll find the top holiday gifts for newlyweds of 2020, complete with links. We've rounded up a whole range of fresh, delightful and out-of-the-box gifts for married couples.

1. A Couples' Portrait Christmas Ornament Bespoke ornaments make amazing Christmas gifts for newlyweds. This beautiful piece comes personalized with an illustration of the couple on their wedding day, their names and the year they tied the knot.  2. A Cozy, Custom Fleece Blanket Help them keep warm the rest of the winter with this cute gift for married couples. The super-soft throw blanket comes printed with the words, "let's stay home," plus their shared last name and "established" date. Get it in gray, navy, black or festive plaid. The seller also offers gift wrapping. 3. The Trendy Appliance They Wish They Registered For Move over stand mixers—air fryers are all the rage lately when it comes to kitchen appliances. This genius device makes delicious fried food using less oil than traditional frying methods. That also means they can avoid the mess (and pain) of hot oil splashing everywhere. Because that healthy juicer they got for their wedding is nice and all, but comfort food provides balance. 4. A Pretty and Personalized Address Stamp Now that they're officially a pair, they deserve some official-looking stationery. This kit lets them stamp their outgoing mail with a custom, calligraphed return address label in the ink color of your choice. It's especially useful if they still have to send wedding thank-you cards. 5. A Funny (But Serious) Doormat Their home, their rules. This cheeky "lose the shoes" doormat is the perfect gift for the married couple keen on keeping their abode spotless. It shows you know them well—and that you acknowledge and respect their wish for clean floors.  6. A Custom Hometown Map Puzzle A special project they can work on together! Choose from millboard or wooden maps, complete with their home location in the center of the map. A fabulous, personalized gift to celebrate their meeting place or even a new hometown! 7. Pillows That'll Help Them Relive Their College Days A gift for the newlyweds that nods to how they met pays quite a tribute to their love story origins. If they met in college, one of these cool pillows will bring back sweet memories. The seller embroiders each playful decor piece with thematic collegiate motifs. Just choose their school and add it to your cart. 8. A Mixology Subscription Box If they appreciate a quality drink, they'll appreciate this thoughtful gift idea for married couples. Treat them to this service and they'll receive a curated box of cocktail ingredients and recipes to try each month for the duration of the subscription. They'll love it for at-home date nights and for cultivating their mixology skills. 9. A Nifty Picture Frame This stylish display box has a hollow compartment for storing up to 50 photos at a time, so they can easily rotate new pictures into the front frame window whenever they like. Better yet, it can also accommodate things like Christmas cards. Now they have somewhere to put the stack of well-wishes they've received.  10. An Expensive-Looking Guacamole Maker This stone mortar and pestle looks way more luxe than the price tag lets on. Get the gift for a couple obsessed with guacamole. Or, gift it to the newlyweds known for making killer homemade dip. 11. A Way to Watch All Their Favorite Shows Together Say hello to the ultimate gadget for show and movie streamers. This device lets them access all their subscription services—from Netflix to Hulu—from their TV at once. Really, you're giving them the gift of convenience—and lots and lots of snuggly nights in.  12. A Fun, Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener If they registered for bar essentials, they'll love this add-on. The personalized bottle opener mounts to the wall and has a clear storage case that shows off the caps of all the craft brews they've been drinking.  13. A Unique, Festive Candle These minimalist, flat candles are undeniably eye-catching, which sets them apart from the many, many other candles they're likely to receive in their lifetime. They're hand-painted and they evaporate rather than drip, so they burn without leaving a mess. 14. A Gorgeous, Sentimental Magnet Yes, these magnets are pricey, but the craftsmanship is unbeatable. The seller designs the newlyweds a mini wooden replica of their home, which is a tear-jerkingly sweet Christmas gift for the married couple who recently moved in together. 15. A Super-Chic Menorah Now that they're spending the holidays as spouses, they're probably looking for festive décor to help them celebrate together as a family. This stunning menorah is a luxe gift for the newlyweds to use this or next Hanukkah.  16. A Meaningful Map Serving Tray This host(ess) gift for the married couple will hold a special place in their heart when they realize the design features a map of one of their favorite locations, be it their wedding destination, where they met or their neighborhood. 17. A Bluetooth Speaker That's Also a Lamp … and a Wine Cooler Talk about the perfect gift for a romantic date night. This awesome wine cooler lights up and plays music, so they can truly sip in style. 18. A Portrait of Their Pet If their life revolves around their furry (or scaly, or feathery!) friend, this is the gift for them. Commission a precious art print of their pet and they're guaranteed to gush over it.  19. An Answer to the Constant Question of "What's for Dinner?" Here's an affordable gift idea for the newlyweds who can never decide what to eat. When they roll the dice according to the instructions, they'll be told exactly what to make for dinner. It might even prevent a few fights! 20. A Photo Calendar Chances are, they've had quite the year, and the upcoming one is bound to be special too. Celebrate both with a custom photo calendar for 2021 displaying photos of them (and their nearest and dearest) from 2020 (or maybe even from 2019!). It'll give the couple 365 days worth of happiness.  21. Cute Dish Towels This tea towel set makes a cute addition to time spent together in the kitchen. One says, "you wash," while the other says, "I'll dry." How's that for newlywed teamwork? 22. Cool Coasters In our opinion, married couples can never have too many coasters. These matching wooden ones are the perfect resting place for morning coffee mugs.  23. A Gift Box Just for Newlyweds This curated assortment of goodies is too-cute—it also supports a great cause. BOXFOX will donate 10 percent of proceeds from this box to VOW, an organization committed to ending child marriage. The gift set includes a chic espresso maker with coordinating mugs and an espresso tea towel, plus other fun items like a newlywed cookbook and a heart-shaped bowl. 

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