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3 Unexpected Benefits of Hosting a Microwedding

When couples start planning for their big matrimonial day, and deep dive into researching items (like bridal gowns and floral costs), many start to realize that all the little details add up fast! In contrast, most couples rarely consider this alternative at first, and tend to overlook how beneficial it can be -- but Microweddings are not just trending these days, they are a mainstay within the wedding industry!

Below are 3 major benefits of Microweddings to contemplate when wedding planning:

Microweddings Save Money!

In a 2019 study by The Knot, research showed that the average wedding in the United States cost $33,900. What The Knot discovered was that couples are waiting a little longer to get engaged, staying engaged for longer, and creating lavish affairs with personalized elements. This may be a "duh" moment, but instead, Microweddings offer a great way to save money without sacrificing special details for your special day, and allow couples to spend their budget in a way that doesn't cost as much as a brand new midsized SUV!

The Courtyard at Gaslight Square offers several Microwedding and Minimony packages, so bride and groom can plan that perfect celebration that fits them and their budget.

Microweddings are Intimate!

These days, Microweddings and Minimonies aren't just trendy because of their cost, their also becoming more and more popular because of the greater intimacy the smaller-scaled ceremonies offer. This approach naturally leads to more engaged guests and memorable experiences for all, as the smaller guest list requires bride and groom to pair down to only those they truly want to celebrate this most important and cherished moment with.

Most traditional weddings have an average attendance of approximately 125 guests. In contrast, Microweddings strip the celebration down to its essence, with no more than 50 invited guests, delivering a more exclusive and tailored experience for bride, groom, and select attendees alike.

Microweddings Save Time!

Another unexpected benefit of choosing to forgo the traditional wedding with one of a smaller scope, is the considerably less amount of time spent on planning, and the abundance of time left for bride-to-be and groom-to-be to spend with each other.

On average, traditional weddings take at least a year to plan correctly, causing much strife and stress for couples as they continue their journey to what should be one of the happiest days of their lives. Instead, Microweddings only take, on average, 2-3 months to plan, allowing couples a comfortable amount of time to not fret the small stuff -- and keeping the focus on what really matters; them.


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