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Top 5 Wedding Trends of 2022

After two years of altered weddings due to the pandemic, 2022 saw a desire return to normalcy – and beyond. While many couples embraced the “new normal” throughout the year, others jumped back into the fold with wild abandon, bold expressions, and a lot of love throughout.

Here are the top five wedding trends born from the uniqueness of 2022.


In 2022, many couples left behind the muted, neutral themes of recent years, in lieu of pops of color and/or bold color schemes overall. These vibrant choices were incorporated into their weddings in various ways, large and small – from invitation design to bridal attire, and everything in between.


One holdover from the past two years is the continued trend of outdoor receptions and dinners. These were held in open-air tents, backyards, vineyards, and more.

While the trend began as a way to keep guests safe during the height of COVID-19, nowadays, many couples are opting for outdoor receptions because of the plethora of options available such receptions offer.


It’s true, large, multi-tiered wedding cakes will never be unpopular. However, many couples this year have opted to either forgo the big cake altogether for smaller sweets and delectables, or offer a wonderful combination of both.

From cake pops, to donut towers, or personalized cookies and cupcakes, the main takeaway from this trend taking off this year is its ability to add fun variety to what can sometimes be a less than original trope from wedding trends past.


As previously mentioned, bright and bold themes have made a case this year for replacing the classical and neutral themes and styles of years’ past – and this movement has never been louder than with bridal attire.

Many bridal parties have embraced a mix-matched look over uniformity, with those aforementioned pops of color appearing in attire and dress for both bride and groom. The result is a more intimate and engaging expression of personality from couples on their big day.


In 2022, many wedding parties have embraced experience over formality, and while the main focus will always remain on the bride and groom, so many have opted for inviting their guests to be further involved in the process.

Interactive elements, such as photo or gift booths, caricature artists, and a variety of personalized games, have all become popular additions during wedding receptions this year. The result is a balanced experience that will be forever memorable for both bride and groom and the guests as well.


Ultimately, 2022 evolved beyond the “new normal” we’ve come to know so well, allowing couples the world over to discover something altogether new and unique on their big day.

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