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Top 6 Wedding Dress Trends for 2023

Each new year brings renewed excitement for the trends-to-be over the next twelve months. Especially for wedding dresses. If 2022 was any indication of where the wedding dress trend is headed for the 2023 wedding season, sheer and colorful embellishment are all the rave, while others will stick with a more minimalist approach.

Here are the Top 6 Wedding Dress Trends expected to take this year by storm!


While bows have often been a wedding staple, the 2023 trend is wearing them in a more dramatic fashion, be that in style, placement, or as seen above, size -- with many of this year's wedding dress styles featuring petite double bows or oversized bows.


While bows have mostly been constant in popularity, gloves had fallen out of favor as of late. In 2023, that's no more! Gloves are back, and brides are excited for their return. There are several styles of gloves making their comeback, but by far the most popular is the evening dress opera style.


Wedding dress accents, or embellishments, are also becoming very popular for the 2023 wedding season. This includes adding floral or feathered designs to dresses, to bring that extra dazzle.


This year is also the year for embracing colorful wedding dresses. Gone are the days of merely white bridal gowns, as according to Love the Sales, demand for colored wedding dresses jumped by nearly 50% since 2021. Brides are beginning to welcome colored wedding dresses as a new normal, with pastel blues and pinks quickly becoming the most popular.


Transparency is in this wedding season, with sheer layers and/or accessories becoming all the rave for brides and brides-to-be. Some dresses are designed with tulle over white, or are nearly completely transparent, creating a more seductive look for the more daring bride.


The minimalist approach to wedding dresses is also nothing new, but there's a huge resurgence coming for 2023, as designers are reembracing the slip dress that was once popular in the 1990s. These dresses are the epitome of the minimalist style, with thin straps and delicate fabric (silk and/or lace). The minimalist approach is the perfect marriage (pun intended?) for any bride considering another trend of the 2022-2023 season, microweddings and minimonies.


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